The first climate emergency measure for London (and other cities) is to remove all fossil fuel cars.

Adding more petrol and diesel to the flames of rapid Global Warming is incendiary.

Mobilisation to remove all fossil fuel cars from cities and towns, requires National Governments to declare a Climate Emergency and enact climate emergency measures.

The imminent threat of runaway Climate Breakdown makes this an unprecedented emergency. Mobilisation is needed on the scale of World War 2.

What can we do with these redundant motor vehicles? What can be recycled from an ICE motor vehicle and how can it be re-used?

Old cars are almost entirely recycled for their steel content.

Primary new steel is responsible for 9% of global emissions. Recycled steel is therefore a vital resource to cut these emissions and stop the production of primary steel.

In a circular economy, demand for steel should equal supply of recycled steel.


Meanwhile entire homes can be built with car tyres by ramming them full of earth and covering with concrete. These are known as earth ships.

Further uses of tyres are discussed here:


What will replace these cars?


The Victory Bike

In 1941 the Office for Emergency Management of the United States government commissioned Huffman and Westfield to make the Victory Bike as part of the war effort. The government department officially promoted bicycling as a more patriotic choice than motoring.

Oslo is currently setting the agenda for carfree cities, as set out in this article


The embedded carbon of a mass switch to electric cars would blow the carbon budget and drain renewable resources needed for the switch to essential electric heating / cooling.

Yes we need to switch essential motor vehicles to electric (where no other viable alternative exists). But mass personal car journeys are not just unpatriotic but environmentally suicidal.

Utility cycling (in its many forms) would be transformational. Space saving, healthy and using minimal resources. Recycled steel is suitable for tough, industrial grade cyles; and has real cachet in certain cycling circles.


Which World Government will grasp the nettle first? And stop the suicidal madness of carmaggedon.


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