We need streets fit for humans

We want streets where children and adults alike have the freedom to roam on bike or on foot without the fear of intimidation, injury or being killed by motor vehicles.

We want streets where our children can play. Designated residential play streets have been replaced by dangerous rat-running traffic and parked cars.

I sometimes look around in our villages, towns and cities and think we live in a pied piper world where children have been disappeared from our streets, locked away in brick or metal boxes.

We want streets where our children can thrive, become active, independent and street wise. We need to release children from the bondage of being driven.

4 out of 10 children are now obese or overweight as a result of being inactive. And now children are being kept indoors when air pollution hits the highest levels.

We need 3 billion per year of dedicated funding to build a UK wide, traffic-free, protected cycle network so that all UK citizens, whatever their ability, can benefit from being active. Whether cycling to school, to work, to the shops or visiting friends and family.

I know Jeremy Corbyn cares about the health and well-being of UK citizens.

No one should be forced into ill health because they cannot cycle or walk safely in their neighbourhood. Or even breathe!

Unstructured play helps us understand who we are.

Freedom to roam helps us discover what makes us happy.

Reclaiming public space builds self-esteem by connecting us to our fellow citizens and our environment.