Mother and three small children, severed from the community by a dangerous road in islington, London

Firstly we must establish that the public does not understand the true cost of the current car culture.

Cars are a sledgehammer to crack the nut of personal transport when viable alternatives such as active travel are possible for the majority of short car journeys. (40% of car journeys in England are under 2 miles, 68% are under 5 miles).

If the public understood the harm that cars have to human health and the environment, they may understand better the case for active travel. There has been no Government public health campaign to educate the public on this subject.

Car advertising has been brainwashing the public into a fantasy of freedom and ‘safety’ for the last 50 years. Well funded and organised car lobbyists have ensured that Government and the public purse pays for the externalities of driving and the expensive infrastructure that facilitates it.

The cost of cars are well established and span a whole range of departments from Health to the Environment to the Treasury to the Climate Change act.


A14 destroys nature up to a kilometre each side

Conversely the public has little understanding of how active travel can be cheaper, quicker, more convenient, better for their health and the environment and good for social cohesion and equality.


Ban car advertising as was done with tobacco.

Every car must have a sticker saying it is dangerous to human health and the environment.

A public health campaign explaining the dangers and cost of cars.

A public health campaign explaining the advantages of active travel and the risks of everyday inactivity.

Making the case for investment in walking and cycling infrastructure that is physically separated from motor traffic will make it feel and be safe for everyone, of all ages and abilities.

Informing the public on how paying people to walk and cycle is good for public health and the environment.

Creating the buzz with a free cycle for every UK citizen