Gaslight is a 1944 film based on the 1938 play by Patrick Hamilton. The protagonist is a homicidal jewel thief. When his wife unwittingly discovers his true identity, he engages in a manipulative campaign to undermine her ability to trust her senses. The ultimate aim is to convince her that she is going insane.

The flickering of the Gaslight is used as a metaphor for the trickery of the light he employs.

One technique he uses is to accuse her of stealing valuables, deflecting from his own crimes. This is classic bully behaviour, projecting their own shortcomings onto their targets. It’s the blame/shame game.

So how does this play out in the politics of air pollution and congestion?

Cycle lane lunacy! cries The Daily Mail, causing gridlock and air pollution.

Pedestrians are impeding the flow of motor traffic causing air pollution and congestion

Making rat-runs access only will send congestion and pollution into other areas

And finally those awful pollution machines, trees!

Here the Mayor of Paris Anne Hildago calls it out