OK so I’ve just returned from City Hall where the Environment Committee invited Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for the Environment and Energy and Elliot Treharne, Policy and Programmes manager (Air Quality and Hydrogen) to discuss the decision by Paris, Athens, Madrid and Mexico City to ban diesel vehicles in their cities by 2025.

The Mayor acknowledges we have a public Health emergency but in the interests of ‘fairness’ doesn’t want to penalise those who bought diesel vehicles in good faith. So these people need time and money from Government to switch and can carry on buying and driving Diesel Euro 6 even though also highly polluting.

Meanwhile the ‘fairness’ of Londoners dying in their thousands, of children having their health permanently damaged, of us all having reduced health and lifespan is a poor second. Because that’s the culture, isn’t it? The car is King and we are its subjects.