Dear Transport Committee,

I would like to offer a few comments on congestion in London.

1. We have 6.8 million parking spaces in London (TFL) many on prime road space, which take up at least 78.5 km sq, based on the minimum parking space. Parking private vehicles on public land is an economically illiterate use of public road space. Cars are used an average of 5% and for the rest of the 95% time lingering on the roadside, causing congestion and inhibiting safe walking and cycling. The car door corridor is notorious for causing life changing injury and death. It blocks the view for children, wheelchairs and even average height Londoners crossing the road on foot or bike.

2. Donald Shoup, parking ‘guru’ has done research which shows cheap parking on public roads causes congestion.

3. Separating out modes of traffic with cycle lanes has shown to be more efficient for all modes and reduce congestion.

4. Electric vehicles will not reduce congestion as they take up the same space as conventional vehicles. Paul Gerrard of National Joint Utilities Group warned that putting in widespread Electric vehicle infrastructure will cause major disruption and more congestion. And of course zero emission claims are fraudulent. Brake and tyre wear, gas/ coal majority electric grid, high CO2 production of batteries. Is it worth it when cycling could do 60% of journeys! much more efficient congestion reduction infra and actually zero emissions transport. I say minimise electric motorised vehicles to essential traffic, we have a chance to get rid of highly polluting diesel vehicles and not replace most of them.

5. Congestion is ….waiting in line to use an underpriced road.
24 hr road pricing across Greater London for private vehicles and commercial to represent true cost of motorised vehicles in London. Congestion at night is causing noise pollution and many on main roads sleep deprived, especially in the Summer.
6. Driverless electric vehicles don’t mean ‘disappearing cars’ . Congestion claims don’t stack up. The public don’t want them, a pointless and dangerous distraction for these ‘mobile couch potatoes’ with security and safety implications for vulnerable road users.
7. Create a car-free cycling network, accessible for all ages and abilities, using rat runs and stripping out parking. Access only for delivery, emergency services, blue badge.
Best wishes
Rosalind Readhead