The diesel scandal, that has led to our streets being polluted with particulates that are killing and stunting the growth of children, will not be cured by a £100.00 levy on Diesel cars. Islington has the fourth highest level of this kind of pollution in the UK, after Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and The City. It’s particulate level of 17.2 mcg far exceeds the WHO (World Health Organisation) safe limit of 10mcg.
Residents Parking Permits are already ridiculously low, as little as £74.00 per year when in the real world Private Parking can cost £2,000 per year. And with only 35% of households owning a car in Islington, these residents parking permits are effectively being subsidised by the tax payer. An extra £100.00 per year levy or £2.00 per week is not going to change the habits of car owners.