Unfortunately it has not been possible to collect and verify the 330 nomination signatures required to appear on the ballot paper as a Mayoral candidate.

Thank you to all my supporters for your help and guidance. It has been a pleasure to meet and engage with so many intelligent, enlightened campaigners and Londoners.

I stand by my policies for London 2016-2020 and will continue to campaign via my website banprivatecarsinlondon.com

I hope whoever succeeds as London Mayor will honour their duty of care to all Londoners, including children who make up nearly 25% of the population of the city. Cutting air pollution and safeguarding the freedom to roam safely by foot or on a bicycle, must be at the heart of a liveable city.

The next four years will be crucial in holding back global warming. Making a commitment to prioritise the transition to a sustainable city is paramount for a Mayoral legacy to future generations of this city and the wider global community.